Skirr Skin

VIBES Award: Good Practice


  • Eco values; maintaining high sustainability standards through every aspect of their business, including packaging.
  • Using organically certified 100% natural ingredients.
  • Networking. Encouraging people to do sport, outside and in nature, to help people want to protect the environment and make responsible choices.

Skirr Skin, a business in its early stages, is a sustainable sport skincare brand, launched in February 2020. The Limited Company, based in Argyll, creates skincare products for athletes who want to look after their skin and protect the environment.

Meaning to glide or move faster, Skirr, an old scots word, was thought to be very apt for their brand.

Skirr was founded by Moira Newiss who had previously worked in the NHS and always had a dream to be an entrepreneur. She wanted to get back to spending more time being active outdoors in nature, while starting up a company with an eco-focus.

After thinking about her love of nature and the many enthusiastic athletes she knew who all care about their natural outdoor playground, the idea of Skirr was born. Their main product is an anti-chafing stick sport body balm.

Skirr is manufactured in Scotland, locally produced using an organically certified social enterprise. It aims to develop partnerships with eco-conscious and sustainable businesses, organisations and events; it has partnered with The Planet Earth Games. It will be one of the first brands onto Sustained Sports, a onestop-shop for athletes where every product is designed with sustainability in mind.

Good networks has allowed the company to become more resilient and look to longer term collaborations to offset the lack of retail at sporting events due to COVID-19 restrictions. The company has reached out to the world digitally, and through the power of the internet made connections and joined online events with Sport and Sustainability International, Sport

Positive, as well as attending a virtual trade mission, all without leaving home. The company also pivoted quickly during the health crisis to produce a natural anti-bacterial soap.

Their mission is:

  • We look after your skin so you can enjoy your sport;
  • We protect our natural outdoor playground;
  • We share with you our love for the west coast of Scotland.

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